HopperGO has arrived!

HopperGO has arrived!

HopperGO has arrived!!! Come in and pick one up today!!! visit buff.ly/1Uic4Iv to find setup and transfer instructions.

Holds up to 100 hours of content optimized for mobile devices.

Saves space on your mobile devices.

Wirelessly connects with up to five devices.

Built-in battery that lasts for four hours is easily recharged through any USB port.

$99 one-time fee; no monthly fees. This will not add anything to your bill.

Creates its own private Wi-Fi network with a range of about 40 feet. No internet or data connection required!

HopperGO requires an Internet-connected Hopper with Sling with the new UI, or Hopper 3. HopperGO will only work with these receivers.

Must be used with DISH Anywhere to watch content. DISH Anywhere is a free app for DISH customers that lets them access all their live (including locals and music channels), DVR and on-demand content from a computer, laptop, or mobile device.

Don’t forget to purchase a 4-port car charger RoadpowerX for all these devices that will need to be charged on the go!

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