• DISH Commercial Rack System

    DISH Commercial Rack System

    Here we have a Commercial rack system for TV service in a Hotel application. Each receiver is set up on a static single channel then put into a channel modulator. All these channels are piped together and sent to all the rooms of the hotel. Off site access to the receivers allows troubleshooting to be solved quickly. This type of system does take up a lot of space, but now DISH has a solution to this problem, its called Smart Box. See our Blog post comparing the two types of systems.

  • Double 90″ LED TV Install

    Double 90″ LED TV Install

    YES! I said 2 90 inch LED TVs were hung on either side on a center 65 inch TV. This a a octagon shaped office used for conference meetings. The center TV is set up on DirectTV, DVD and Apple TV. The side 90 inch TVs are set up with an Apple TV each. These will be used to mirror iPhones, iPads and Mac computers onto the TVs for presentations, Slideshows, and Videos. Now this is the ultimate set up!

  • Patio TV Installation

    Patio TV Installation

    When it comes to TVs these days, there is no place you cannot enjoy watching your favorite shows. In this installation we are hanging a TV on a customer patio. He will be able to enjoy his favorite show in the pool, with friends and family, or just enjoying the outdoor air. In this Gallery you will see from start to finish what is involved in hanging a TV on an exterior block wall on an articulating TV mount.