DISH Commercial Rack System

Project Facts

  • Client: Pointe Estero
  • Project Start:
  • Project End:
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Project Detail

Here we have a Commercial rack system for TV service in a Hotel application. Each receiver is set up on a static single channel then put into a channel modulator. All these channels are piped together and sent to all the rooms of the hotel. Off site access to the receivers allows troubleshooting to be solved quickly. This type of system does take up a lot of space, but now DISH has a solution to this problem, its called Smart Box. See our Blog post comparing the two types of systems.

Built Process

  • 1
    Installing the Rack Cages

    First we install the rack cages that will hold all the equipment needed.

  • 2
    Install Channel Modulators

    Next, Install and wire all channel modulators. As you see in the 2nd picture in the gallery, the channel modulators are small card shaped devices that slide into the rack. They create the channels like a typical cable system. EX: ch.2 - ch.69

  • 3
    Install Satellite Switches

    In the 3rd picture in the gallery you will see silver square boxes. These boxes take the signal from the Satellite dish in the roof of the unit and distribute the signal in the multiple receivers installed on the rack.

  • 4
    Install Satellite Receivers

    Next is to install all the satellite receivers. Each receiver will be set to a single channel then connected to its own channel modulator. For example: if your hotel wants 45 individual channels for the customers to view, you would need 45 receivers (tuners) and 45 channels modulators to complete the system.

  • 5
    Tune and Tidy Up

    Finals steps are to set up the channels the hotel would like to view for each receiver. Test the system for video and sound quality. Lastly, Clean up and bundle all wiring for a tidy install.