Patio TV Installation

Project Facts

  • Client: Mr. Allegheny
  • Project Start:
  • Project End:
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Project Detail

When it comes to TVs these days, there is no place you cannot enjoy watching your favorite shows. In this installation we are hanging a TV on a customer patio. He will be able to enjoy his favorite show in the pool, with friends and family, or just enjoying the outdoor air. In this Gallery you will see from start to finish what is involved in hanging a TV on an exterior block wall on an articulating TV mount.

Hanging Process

  • 1

    First we inspect the wall the TV will be hung on to determine what type of anchors to use. There are three typical wall types we run into; wood stud, metal stud, and block wall. This being a block wall we will be using tapcon anchors to ensure the TV mount will be secure to the wall. Proper anchors are crucial to ensure the TV will not fall in the future.

  • 2

    Next is to hang the TV on the mount and start hooking up the wiring and equipment. In this installation the customer had a small sound bar that we mounted under the TV using extra parts from the TV mount. We also installed a Wireless Joey by DISH for TV service. Most newer AV products are small enough to be mounts directly the TV and still be hidden from view. Securing all the equipment behind the TV and tidying up the wiring for a clean installation, even if you will not see it after the tv is pushed back against the wall. This customer opt'd to not have an electrician add an outlet directly behind the TV, so we added a short extension cord and strip molding to keep it clean as well.

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    Last step is to clean up our workspace and leave no mess behind. Go over the complete installation with the customer, educate them on the how their new setup works, and answer and last questions that might come up. Don't worry, if any questions may arise after we have left, just give us a call anytime. Most concerns or issue can be corrected over the phone without a service trip back to the home.

Project Team