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The Groundhog may have seen his shadow, but here in Florida we don’t have to worry about being snowed in; however, we can always use suggestions about what to watch.

Here are just a few outstanding, wintry movies to remind you why you are still hibernating. They’ll keep you so entertained that the next time you look up, it just might be spring.

The Revenant

This is the one where Leonardo DiCaprio fights a bear in the snow. Tough stuff! But that’s just the beginning of this story. Left for dead in the cold, uncharted wilderness, the frontiersman has to survive and find a way back to civilization.

The Day After Tomorrow

Some say the world will end in fire. Some say the world will end in ice. The Day After Tomorrow says: ice.

30 Days of Night

Where would you go if you were a vampire? Somewhere dark, right? In 30 Days of Night, a town in Alaska is visited by a whole plague of vampires. Scary stuff! In case you’re wondering, yes, you can watch movies on DISH Anywhere if you’re a vampire taking a trip to Alaska.


Not only will Fargo make you happy you’re not out in the snow and cold, it will also make you happy you’re not caught up in shady embezzlement schemes or the criminal underworld.


On an Arctic expedition, Stanley Shephard discovers a Neanderthal man frozen in ice. With a team of scientists, Shephard revives him and learns he has been cryogenically frozen for 40,000 years. Watch Iceman and be glad you are not cryogenically frozen.

The Ice Storm

When an ice storm comes to Connecticut during Thanksgiving, a whole town slides into an ethical tailspin. Be glad not only that you are not out in an ice storm, but also that you don’t have to figure out the rapidly changing social cues of 1973.

A Simple Plan

Three men discover a downed plane in the chilly climes of rural Minnesota. Stashed inside is four million dollars. So far, so good. But soon, their plan to split the fortune hits a few snags. Betrayal! Murder! Yikes!



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